As of Aug 30, 2016

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016
Introduction to the workshop 09:00
Session 1
Collaborative Work: Complexity Management by Modeling, Bertrand David 09:10
Evidence-Based Approach for Information System Complexity Management, Malgorzata Pankowska 09:30
Dynamic Switching of Perspectives on Business Processes, Florian Krenn and Christian Stary 09:50
Pattern Repository for Support of Project Management Capabilities, Solvita Berzisa 10:10
Coffee break 10:30
Session 2
Measuring complexity of SAP systems, Ilja Holub and Tomas Bruckner 11:00
The Formalization of the Business Process Modeling Goal, Ligita Businska and Marite Kirikova 11:20
Managing Complexity in Activity Specifications by Separation of Concerns and Reusability, Peter Forbrig and Gregor Buchholz 11:40
Towards Framing the Continuous Information Systems Engineering, Marite Kirikova 12:00
Discussion of all papers 12:30
Discussion about further activities 12:50
Lunch 13:00
End of Workshop 14:00
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