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Workshop Topics

Workshop topics include but are not limited to:
  • CRE theory
  • Methods for CRE
  • Models in CRE
  • Tools for CRE
  • Knowledge elicitation in CRE
  • Requirements monitoring for CRE
  • Enterprise architectures and CRE
  • CRE for usability and user experience
  • Security handling in CRE
  • Usability versus security conflicts in CRE
  • Emergence handling in CRE
  • Ontologies and CRE
  • Information logistics and CRE
  • Agility in CRE
  • Spontaneity in CRE
  • Transparency in CRE
  • Compliance and CRE
  • Capability impact on CRE
  • CRE for value and supply chains
  • CRE for adaptive systems and digital ecosystems
  • ERP and CRE
  • CRE for SMEs
  • CRE for networked enterprises
  • CRE for virtual enterprises
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