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Programme of the CRE'16 Workshop

As of Mar 04, 2016
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Monday, March 14, 2016
Introduction 09:00
Session 1 — Requirements Quality
Towards Continuous Information Security Audit, Dmitrijs Kozlovs, Kristīne Cjaputa and Mārīte Kirikova 09:25
Requirements Quality in the Incremental Design Processes: Problems and Perspectives, Claude Reyterou 09:50
Towards Automated Requirements Checking throughout Development Processes of Interactive Systems, Thiago Silva and Marco Winckler 10:10
Coffee break 10:30
Session 2 — Requirements Engineering Process
Towards a Task Driven Approach Enabling Continuous User Requirements Engineering, Holger Fischer, Mirko Rose and Enes Yigitbas 11:00
Continuous Requirements Engineering and Human-Centered Agile Software Development, Peter Forbrig 11:25
Applying Layering Concept to the Software Requirements Analysis and Architectural Design, Yunarso Anang and Yoshimichi Watanabe 11:50
Requirements Inheritance in Continuous Requirements Engineering, Anita Finke 12:10
Lunch break 12:30
Session 3 — Requirements Engineering Framework
Continuous Requirements Engineering in Freedom Framework: A Position Paper, Mārīte Kirikova 14:00
Integrated Framework for Software Requirement Analysis, Andre Rusli and Osamu Shigo 14:25
Discussion 14:50
Coffee break 15:30
Session 4 — Outlook
Discussion 16:00
World Café - Together with RESACS Workshop 16:45
End of Workshop day 17:30
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