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Mobile Incident Reporting in Urban Context: Looking forward Emerging User Interface Patterns, Cédric Bach, Regina Bernhaupt and Marco Winckler 09:00
Unifying Contextual Descriptions in Patterns, Thomas Grill and Manfred Tscheligi 09:30
General discussion on patterns and context 10:00
Coffee break 10:30
Providing Guidance to Software Developers on Selecting Usability Methods through Usability Planner, Xavier Ferre and Nigel Bevan 11:00
Training Software Development Practitioners in Usability Evaluations: An Exploratory Study of Cross Pollination, Anders Bruun and Jan Stage 11:30
General discussion on usability evaluation 12:00
Lunch break 12:30
Methodological Challenges of UX Evaluation in the Living Room: Developing the IPTV-UX Questionnaire, Regina Bernhaupt and Michael Pirker 14:00
UX Modeler: A Persona-based Tool for Capturing and Modeling User Experience in Service Design, Dan Wolff and Ahmed Seffah 14:30
General discussion on UX 15:00
Coffee break 15:30
Notations and ontologies for usability, UX and patterns 16:00

▶ The workshop proceedings are available here.

Business meeting of WG 13.2 17:30 - 18:00




September 6
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