3rd Conference on Human-Centred Software Engineering

Invited Talk

We are very proud that Liam Bannon accepted to give the keynote talk for HCSE.

Approaches to Software Engineering:

A human-centred perspective


The field of software engineering has been evolving since its inception in 1968. Arguments as to the exact nature of the field, whether it should be conceived as a real engineering profession, the role of formal methods, whether it is as much an art as a science, etc., continue to divide both practitioners and academics.
My purpose here is not to debate these particular topics, but rather to approach the field from the outside, coming as I do from a long period of involvement in the human and social side of the computing discipline, namely, from the fields of Human-Computer Interaction, Computer Supported Cooperative Work, Participative Design, Interaction Design, and Social Informatics, more generally. I wish to examine how this "human-centred" perspective might shed a new light on some issues within the SE field, perhaps opening up topics for further discussion and examination.