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Monday 8 September 2008

09:00 Task models and interaction

09:00 Identification Criteria in Task Modeling
Josefina Guerrero, Jean Vanderdonckt, Christophe Lemaigre
09:25 HCI-Task Models and Smart Environments
Maik Wurdel, Stephan Propp, Peter Forbrig
09:50 Themes in Human Work Interaction Design
Rikke Orngreen, Torkil Clemmensen, Annelise Mark-Pejtersen
10:15 Evaluating User Experience Evoked By Ubiquitous Applications - Short Paper
Minna Isomursu
10:30 Coffee

11:00 Keynote Speaker

Luca Chittaro, Italy
Interacting with Visual Interfaces on Mobile Devices

12:00 WCC Keynotes

14:30 Elicitation and Evaluation

14:30 Interface Model Elicitation from Textual Scenarios
Christophe Lemaigre, Josefina Guerrero, Jean Vanderdonckt
14:55 Virtual Fixtures for Secondary Tasks
Gianvito Lefemine, Guido Pedrini, Cristian Secchi, Francesco Tesauri, Stefano Marzani
15:20 How 'learnable' are CASE tools in diverse user communities?
Brenda Scholtz, Janet Wesson
15:45 A Prospect of Websites Evaluation Tools Based on Event Logs- Short Paper
Vagner Figuerêdo de Santana, M. Cecilia C. Baranauskas
16:00 Coffee

16:30 Studies and Experiments

16:30 Habbo Hotel - Academic Studies in Mixed Feelings
Raija Halonen, Eeva Leinonen
16:50 Improving Accessibility to Governmental Forms
Norbert Kuhn, Stefan Richter, Michael Schmidt, Andreas Truar
17:15 Communicability in multicultural contexts: A study with the International Children's Digital Library
Clarisse de Souza, Robin Laffon, Carla Leitão
17:40 Facing the digital divide in a participatory way - an exploratory study
Elaine C. S. Hayashi, M. Cecília C. Baranauskas
18:05 User Interface Input by Device Movement- Short Paper
Ryosuke Kokaji, Takako Nonaka, Tomohiro Hase

Tuesday 9 September 2008

09:00 Models, Learning and Solicitation

09:00 A Meta-Design Model to Augment Usabilty of Association Rule Mining Systems
Elisa Albergaria, Fernando Mourão, Raquel Prates, Wagner Meira Jr.
09:25 Investigating Entertainment and Learning in a Multi-User 3D Virtual Environment
Nicoletta Di Blas, Caterina Poggi
09:50 Openphone User Engagement and Requirements Solicitation in Low Literacy Users - Short Paper
Tembalethu Ndwe, Etienne Barnard, Mqhele Dlodlo, Daniel Mashao
10:05 Complex and dynamic data representation by sonification in small screens - Short Paper
Maher chemseddine, Monique Noirhomme
10:30 Coffee

11:00 Collaboration and Visualization

11:00 Participatory Assessment of Clinical Activity and Collaborative
Knowledge Building in the Design Process of the Dementia Management Support
System DMSS - Short Paper
Helena Lindgren
11:15 Multitouch Sensing for Collaborative Interactive Walls - Short Paper
Alessandro Soro, Gavino Paddeu, Mirko Luca Lobina
11:30 Visualization of Personalized Faceted Browser Interfaces - Short Paper
Michal Tvarozek, Maria Bielikova
11:45 Summary and Outlook
Peter Forbrig, Fabio Paternò, Annelise Mark Pejtersen

12:00 WCC Keynotes