TaMi4Smart • Workshop at AmI-11

Human-Centered Design of Smart/Ambient Environments and Services: Models and Tools for Task Migratability.
Amsterdam, November 2011

TaMi4Smart 2011

TaMi4Smart is a Focused Scientific Workshop to be held at AmI-11 (International Joint Conference on Ambient Intelligence) in Amsterdam. We would like to attract researchers in the field of smart/ambient environments to discuss the chances and limitations of task migratability and the role of tangible interfaces. Physical objects can be used to control the support provided by the environment.

The Topic

Task migratability is one important usability principle; it describes the ability of an interactive application to pass the control for the execution of a task so that it becomes either internalized by the user or the application or shared between them. For aircrafts and cars there exist already examples for dynamic function allocations. An autopilot is such an application. Task allocation should be considered as a transformation of work that the human must perform and that does not necessarily result in a reduction of workload. Modern smart environments try to support users as much as possible. At the moment the idea of task migratability in the sense that users want to reduce automatic support in some circumstances is not discussed a lot. In combination with tangible interfaces the dynamic allocation of tasks might be a possibility to specify even better support for users in an ambient environment.

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